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"How Any BBL Girl Can Eat To Heal And Help Reduce Swelling In 4-6 Weeks  - Or Your Money Back!"
"Learn How You NEED to Eat to Recover & Reduce the Risks Of Post-Op Complications"

From The Desk of Shaun Wilkeson
Adelaide, Australia

Dear friend,

Hi, I'm Shaun Wilkeson, 
Founder and Owner of Wilkoco™, and designer of the world's first Therapeutic BBL Recovery Pillow >

I recently discovered a sobering fact: 
Many women who undergo a BBL & Liposuction procedure are SWOLLEN & MISERABLE for the first 4-6 weeks of their recovery!

And many more are at Risk of post-operative complications like Excessive Swelling, Fibrosis, Fat Necrosis and possibly even Lymphedema!

Read on to Get the Vital information to ensure you're not one of them!

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While researching the design of quite possibly the most effective BBL Recovery Pillow, I've uncovered many little known secrets, strategies and blueprints to create the best possible BBL Recovery.

For instance - One of the most simple adjustments you can make is to change your diet - just for the first 4 weeks of your recovery. A few minor tweaks to your eating plan for a month can help build your best body, Or if you don't; you risk having gone through all this pain & sacrifice, not to mention cost; to risk your perfect results!

During my research I found so much relevant, easy to apply information, you'd be amazed that it isn't being provided by the various BBL consultants, surgeons, or recovery clinics - you'd think theres a conspiracy out there! 
But I think it’s more that these strategies have slipped under the radar, they are so simple, and easy to apply that no-one’s realized their profound impact on improving your recovery....

Have you been searching for the most relevant, easy to use BBL Recovery information?
I've put together this information into a range of products, which I've organized into an easy to use Value-Pack for simplicity and convenience. It's called the "BBL Secrets Value Pack".

Even if you've only just started the research phase or you are way down the path and you've already decided on your surgeon and date - You'll find For the First Time together:

The Best Recovery information with the Best Strategies to reduce swelling quickly; the brand new "BBL Secrets Value-Pack" is the Answer You've been looking for!
Learn How to get Great Results, Recover Quickly and Reduce the Risks of Excessive Swelling and Fibrosis!

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” - attributed to Hippocrates

Never is this quote more true than with surgery.
Why? Because your BBL Recovery starts from the Bottom Up, and the table-top down!

The best BBL and Lipo Recovery starts with the ability to rest - to sit and have time to heal.
And to heal, you need to best nutrition - the best nutrients - and also the ABSENCE of certain nutrients!
Yes, your recovery will progress faster without a certain nutrient!

Have you got to the point where you are just surfing the net, forums and message boards trying to find snippets of the best and most relevant information? Are you sick of trying to tease out the facts from the anecdotes?
Then this information may be what you've been looking for - interested?

"The TRUTH about How Every BBL Girl Can Sit Comfortably - To Heal and Reduce the Risk Of Post Op-Complications
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Learn Insider Tips : What You can do to Quickly Heal And Reduce The Risk Of Post Op Complications

My company Wilkoco™ is offering you for a short time a ridiculous amount of value for the low introductory price of $9.
Theres too much contradictory and poor information out there - and message boards and forums are just adding to the confusion! 

"28 Day Fructose-Free Nutrition Plan"

While researching the design design of the Wilkoco Therapeutic BBL Pillow, (which is producing amazing results that I won't go into here), I found that Fructose, a sugar found naturally in most fruits, is actually a mortal enemy to anyone recovering from surgery. Is this something your surgeons, consultants or message boards informed you about? 
Intrigued? Read on...

When ingested, fructose is directly metabolized in the liver. In the liver the fructose is converted into several metabolites, including glucose, which is used for cellular energy. 

But a side effect of fructose metabolization, is the formation of excess lymphatic fluid, especially if the liver is overworked or under stress.
And Invasive, Traumatic Surgery where your skin layers are cut away from the underlying muscle tissues -  comes under the label "Stress"!

This excess lymph fluid created in the liver is pumped through the body, and if there has been any trauma, where lymphatic vessels have been disturbed or damaged (for instance in Liposuction or Fat injection sites) the lymph no longer has a pathway to the lymph node and so gets stuck and sits in place, and has the potential to stagnate.

Stagnating lymph can quickly accumulate (as more is constantly being pumped in, but none is being removed) and result in Excessive Swelling, and ultimately Fibrosis, if it is not moved or drained away. 

This is the reason on the emphasis of Lymphatic Drainage Massages (LDM's). 

Quick Question:
At any time have you been informed by surgeons or consultants about how to Reduce the generation of so much lymph fluid? Or have you just been told to get your LDM's, and the swelling will go down over time?

But if the production of Lymph can be minimized, the risk of excessive swelling is considerably reduced. 
LDM's will still be required of course, but the overall recovery effect will be greatly enhanced! 

Is this New Information valuable to you - something you can use?

With this need to reduce Fructose in mind, I've worked with Health coach Tanya Paulin to create a 28 Day Fructose-Free Nutrition Plan to kick-start your recovery.
Combined with other tips and strategies you'll learn, you'll have all you need to create the optimum recovery for your body after the BBL procedure, and help reduce the risks caused by excess lymph and swelling...

Try The "28 Day Fructose-Free Nutrition Plan"  for only $9.00!!

Not all diets are created equally. Some will actually worsen your results! 
I've worked with Health Coach and athlete Tanya Paulin to create a 28-Day Fructose-Free Nutrition Plan, (focusing on reducing Lymph production) so you can heal fast, and Reduce Swelling - Faster!
And it's yours for only $9!

Equivalent nutrition plans for Diabetes, Weight Loss or other dietary needs can cost anywhere between $299 to $399 per month!!
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Buy Now and I'll Include:
With the 28 Day Fructose-Free Nutrition Plan, I'll include a research document titled "7 Secrets Your Surgeon Forgot to Tell You!Valued at $29.00.

I'm including this FREE when You Take the $9 Nutrition Plan!

You'll Learn:
  • How long you'll ideally need to stay off your new butt
  • Stretching : why and when
  • Hydration : sports drinks and coffee - friend of foe?
  • ​plus more!
"But Wait, Theres More..."
In addition to the 28 Day Fructose Free Nutrition Plan, 
And the "7 Secrets..' research document, I'm also going to provide you with a research document titled "How to Improve Low Blood-Iron"

Again, my research into the best recovery methods found that surgeons won't operate on people with low levels of blood-iron - the reason being that those with a low level of available iron in their system have a higher risk of needing a blood-transfusion, and with that, a higher risk of mortality!

  • Is your lab result showing you've low, high or average iron levels?
  • ​The basics : why is iron important to your recovery
  • Foods or Supplements : Which is best to improve iron absorption?
  • Are there foods or food combinations that help or hinder iron absorption?
  • ​Plus more!
Today, with the previous reports, you will also get the white paper "How to Improve low Blood Iron" - normally $29.00 - today FREE in the Value Pack!
"Too Much Value Is Barely Enough..."
Finally I'm almost running out of things to give you - but not yet!
With the $9 Nutrition Plan, I'll include an in-depth chart of common fruits and their Fructose amounts. Amazingly its called "Fructose In Common Fruits Chart"
A Handy reference for you to quickly judge which foods and snacks will be the best for your recovery. 

This useful chart would normally sit on your refrigerator and retail for $12.00, but again - when included in the Value Pack - it's FREE !!

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Take advantage of this extensive research and apply it to your recovery - Improve your Nutrition, Mood and Recovery - while reducing your Post-Surgical Risks!!
"You're Doing this To Create Your Ideal Body"
You've Planned your BBL - Now Plan The Best Recovery, And Get All This....
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  • ​Fructose Content of Common Fruits Chart__________Value $12

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I'd really love if you could leave a review for the Wilkoco Therapeutic Pillow on Amazon - hopefully with enough positive reviews people will see, and be able to get the benefit of a really great BBL Pillow, and reduce their inherent risks of  surgery and get on track to obtain their best possible result.

I'd also like to offer you more High Value offers in future, if that's all right!

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Here Is My "You've Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee
If you are not satisfied and informed, and aren't able to use this Value Pack to create your best Recovery, Wilkoco is happy to refund your money back, no questions asked. Customer Satisfaction is our main goal!
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I Truly Hope you'll take me up on this Genuine Offer and use it to help plan and create your best possible recovery. I've put the best information I could find into this offer, and I hope it will be of great value for you.

Best Regards, and Thanks again,
Shaun Wilkeson
Did you just skip to the bottom to see what the deal was?

Fair Enough – sometimes you just want the facts to make an informed decision:

You get my 28-Day Fructose Free Nutrition Plan so you can know exactly what ingredients to buy to create delicious meals that will help to quickly reduce the excessive swelling due to the Lipo and BBL surgeries.

You will also get my “How to Improve Low Blood-Iron” instructional document as well as my informative “Seven Swelling Secrets your Surgeon Forgot to Tell You.”
Finally I’m providing a useful “Fructose in Common Fruits Chart” so you can instantly assess what healthy foods will create less swelling than others. All these documents are available as instant downloads. Combined – these instructionals are valued at $419, but available for you for only $9 right now!

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I wish you Good Luck and a Fast Recovery in your journey to your perfect figure!

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  • 7 Secrets Your Surgeon Forgot To Tell You____(Value $29)
  • How to Improve Low Blood Iron________________(Value $29)
  • Fructose Content of Common Fruits Chart____(Value $12)
Total Value: $419.00
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